Arts For All Nevada

Arts For All Nevada Logo

More than logo variations, the Arts For All Nevada brand guide is an in depth look at a multi-faceted organization. With target audiences ranging from caregivers and teachers to students and children, the brand focuses on art as a style of communication. This playful and purposeful tone is warm without losing excitement.

Arts For All Nevada Brand Guide

Arts For All Nevada’s core messaging is where the philosophical underpinnings of the organization are spelled out. EVerything from the brand promises and mission statement to the types of vocabulary that should be used, such as emphasizing abilities and not using limitation language.

“Arts For All Nevada provides quality arts opportunities for all by facilitating access to the arts at the community level, with special emphasis on those who have a disability, are disadvantaged, at-risk or underserved by the arts. Arts For All Nevada provides responsible stewardship for the preservation and interpretation of the historic Lake Mansion while expanding its role in the community to serve as a center for the exploration of arts and culture.”

-Arts For All Nevada, Mission Statement Long


We were lucky enough to join AFAN for a day camp they hosted. It gave us a glimpse into the ``lot's going on`` ethos of the organization, and the opportunity to capture art in motion.


The Arts For All Nevada website needed to give the same impression that the organization would in person: there's a lot going on, but you love the feeling of it. With well placed patterns and and the use of bright colors each page feels vibrantly in motion.

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The Lake Mansion brand guide needed to convey the historical significance of the property while generating new interest in the next phase of the property's life. Pulling the green from the AFAN brand, this brand maintains a natural and timeless aesthetic.

Lake Mansion Brand Guide

We had the privilege of giving special attention to the symbolic nature of the Lake Mansion by getting scene setting interior and exterior photography.