Working With Mabble

It can be intimidating starting a relationship with a new agency, we get it. Below we will walk you through our process, services, and their results for a real life client: The Elm Estate.

A Partnership Born

Formerly the Chism House, the owners of The Elm Estate came to us to help them build their legacy. They needed something that expressed not only the renovations they had made to their property, but also the elevated hospitality experience they offer. So we got to work on a new name, brand, and web presence. Since then we’ve developed a partnership that continues to refine and define what The Elm Estate is best known for. We work with them not only to create strategy around their brand and website, but also navigate how to make those things profitable and set marketing goals.

TEE mockup webphone


We toured their newly renovated property, met with their team, and learned more about what makes their business model and audience unique. We wanted to know them, inside and out.

four people standing in front of a large white house while on a tour of the elm estate


With the mission and vision in mind we created a timeless and elegant brand with a spectacular website that gives people a clear picture about what an event at The Elm Estate would be like.

two people meeting looking at a book of pantone colors


Since we began working with them, The Elm Estate has become one of Reno’s premier event venues. We’ve continued to expand their services and make a big impact on their business as a whole.

a woman presenting her laptop to a room of people

Look around their property, and you can see why we landed on The Elm Estate for their name.

We designed their logo with gold coloring and gemstone visuals, expressing The Elm Estate’s status as Reno’s hidden gem.

Geometric shapes, onsite photography, and refreshed messaging are key features of The Elm Estate’s brand guide.

We wove their branding into every aspect of their organization, which has helped them expand their reach.

We captured breathtaking event images that help people envision what theirs could be like.

We filmed multiple videos of the immaculate property, letting the grounds speak for themselves.

Timeless, elegant, photo-rich—these are some of the ways to describe their beautifully designed site.

We built TEE’s site on WordPress, allowing for all the customization they wanted and needed.

Through backend optimization and quality content, we’ve helped TEE move up the search pages.

We got behind the scenes of their marketing efforts, figuring out what’s working, what isn’t, and how we could take them to the next level.

Through UX optimization and effective storytelling, TEE has seen a boom in bookings.

How do you name a property? We walked the grounds and talked with the new owners about the history, the area, and the potential they saw. With a beautiful estate filled with majestic elm trees, the name pretty much revealed itself. Not only does it capture the essence of the grounds, it also has a nice ring to it,
don’t you think?

The Diamond
Biggest Little Wedding Venue
The Enclave

People around a table working together

A unique logo is necessary for brand recognition and emotional connection, and serves as a visual summation of a company’s whole identity. Logos are not something to skimp on. For The Elm Estate, we needed to create something that evoked timeless elegance, harkening to the gemstone theme of the property. The owners kept referring to the estate as “a diamond in the rough”- so we had to incorporate some in the design. We wanted to create something that would express the essence of The Elm Estate for years to come and remained evergreen as the company continued to scale.

The Elm Estate Logo Process 01
The Elm Estate Logo Process 02
The Elm Estate Logo Process 03
The Elm Estate Logo Process 04

Our final design was a sophisticated and elegant logo, with gold coloring to express the quality of the Elm Estate. And the gemstone in the logo is an homage to the fact that the property is Reno’s hidden gem. Our team had fun creating it, and their team was blown away.

The Elm Estate
The Elm Estate
Two people sitting out a blue couch with their laptops working

Brand guides help organizations maintain a consistent brand presence in everything they do, especially when there are multiple representatives. The Elm Estate is no exception, so we provided them with a brand guide that establishes the foundational elements of their brand, helping them maintain consistency across all their marketing channels. Geometric shapes, onsite photography, and refreshed messaging are key features of The Elm Estate’s brand guide. They have been able to use their brand elements and guidelines to not only run effective advertising campaigns but also to inform important decisions about how the company is presented in tactile ways like print design and more.

Brand Guide Option2

The Elm Estate needed messaging that expresses their multifaceted venue, their attentive service, and their dedicated event planning. We incorporated one-liners and descriptions that convey their rich history and modern amenities.

With a business like an event venue, a brands presentation has to match the aesthetic of the physical space. We created print media that showcases The Elm Estate’s immaculate grounds and passionate service without interrupting the flow of the space. We even managed the printing.

TEE Brand Application 02
TEE Brand Application 01
The Elm Estate Property Map
The Elm Estate Deck
Woman taking a picture next to a tree

When it comes to researching event venues, high-quality photography is crucial for leading people to book. We captured the beauty of The Elm Estate’s property, as well as special events so their audience can visualize what their special day will look like.

Compelling photography serves as a powerful storytelling tool, conveying the ambiance and atmosphere that await guests. By showcasing the intricate details of past events held at The Elm Estate, from enchanting weddings to vibrant corporate gatherings, potential clients can envision themselves immersed in unforgettable moments, igniting their excitement and fostering a deeper emotional connection with the venue.

People gathering next to the Elm Estate white house
Small cocktail sitting on a fire pit
Elegant table setting with pink and white flowers
Elm Estate reception area with green lawn and space heaters
Delicous looking tacos on a plate
Elm Estate white house with rows of white empty chairs and pink and white flowers

Video is a vital ingredient in The Elm Estate’s audience seeing themselves book the venue. We filmed multiple videos of the immaculate property, letting the grounds speak for themselves. The result is a beautiful promo video that can be used in a variety of applications.

You may also notice a documentary-style video at the top of this page. While we filmed that video for this page specifically, we are looking for ways to utilize the interview portion for their own marketing efforts!

Person pointing their work on their laptop

Even though they have a stellar reputation and plenty of word-of-mouth buzz, the vast majority of The Elm Estate’s leads would come through their website.

So we designed and developed a photography-rich, easy-to-navigate site that offers a detailed look at their services and onsite lodging. With clear calls to action and SEO optimization, the Elm Estate has seen a boost in bookings, and in their own words: “just really love the site”.

Create a Site Map
Web Design
Web Development

TEE Sitemap
Adobe XD
TEE mockup webphone

Getting Found

Building a compelling brand is one thing. Getting the word out is another. After doing the creative work, we launched a digital campaign to get The Elm Estate the financial results they were looking for. Below is the increase seen in vital metrics over the course of 12 months.




The Elm Estate targets younger couples with the financial means to throw a luxury wedding. While Reno is a destination location, TEE’s target audience resides close to their property.

Their audience is searching for venues in the Reno/Tahoe area, usually right after getting engaged.

Those who are looking for a venue like The Elm Estate want to envision their special day through stunning photography. But they also need to get pricing and booking information easily.

TEE competes with upscale venues around Reno-Tahoe. What makes them stand out is their proximity to downtown, yet with all the quaint charm of a remote venue.

Two people sitting at an office desk working

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the strategic process of enhancing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action In the case of The Elm Estate, it’s reaching out to schedule a visit. Through meticulous analysis of user behavior, testing various elements such as layout, copy, and calls-to-action, and implementing iterative improvements, we maximized the effectiveness of their digital presence.

elm estate 2

When we began, The Elm Estate did not have many events booked for 2024. Now, they are teeming at the brim with couples who are going to make unforgettable memories on their property.




  • If you build it, they will come. But they have to hear about it first.
  • Quality, quality, quality. For the Elm Estate to convey its elegance, its online presence needed to match it. Mission accomplished.
  • Being a full-service agency was the biggest difference maker. We didn’t need to outsource any of the work. Instead, our team cohesively crafted TEE’s online presence and marketing efforts, leading to the successful outcomes.

They've really helped capture experiences, and they were able to show that through our updated website. It wasn't just about weddings and events, it was more memories and experiences, and things that people value so much.