The Happiest Hour

We instantly connected with the owners of The Happiest Hour when they reached out to us. With their brand in its infancy, we jumped on board to bring clarity and cohesion to their vision and brand strategy. Our collaboration was a whirlwind of excitement, capturing their essence through photography, storytelling via videography, and crafting a bespoke WordPress website. Truly some of the happiest hours of our time here at Mabble.

The logo for The Happiest Hour was a pivotal piece in capturing the essence of the brand. Drawing inspiration from joy and enlightenment, we crafted a logo featuring a clean font that exudes a modern and approachable vibe and the incorporation of soft, billowy clouds adds a sense of lightness and tranquility, perfectly complementing the brand’s identity.

The Happiest Hour came to us with a lot of assets, and a lot of energy. We instantly connected, and were able to work together to get the brand organized. This brand guide serves as a resource for all of their terpene and thc products.

Products in this industry can sometimes have an unfair connotation attached to them, so we wanted to make sure The Happiest Hour’s core messaging was on point to give it an advantage. For example, the brand is positioned as Light and Bight Pioneers with a Higher Purpose.

The Happiest Hour’s photography incorporates the product with organic or natural elements. The terpene Companion Collection is a great example of the use of each individual companion’s color palette incorporated into floral arrangements; ‘floral support’ photography. Since terpenes are natural compounds found in plants it makes sense to wrap each product within its own custom bouquet.

The Happiest Hour site is a fully functional e-commerce shopify website- heavily informed by the brand guide. With a focus on both the individual products and the lifestyle they afford their users, the website paints an immediate positive portrait of the brand.

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