Sierra Bags

Sierra Bags is a flexible packaging manufacturer dedicated to the cannabis and hemp industries. As pioneers to the packaging segment of legal cannabis, they are well established to serve all clients, from seed to sale.

Working with an existing logo mark, our design team updated the look and colors of the existing logo. We then surrounded it within a new shape to symbolize the nature of the service. Cannabis, securely packaged.

Sierra Bags resonates heavily with Willy Nelson’s laid back but sophisticated style- so it was our goal to build them a brand that felt the same. Focusing on raw materials, natural light, and a specific color palette we created a charismatic but approachable brand.

Sierra Bag's mission was more than just packaging cannabis, they want to safely bring cannabis into peoples everyday life. They see themselves as a knowledgeable and flexible partner, passionate about compliance and customer service from seed to sale.

Shadows and natural lighting are mixed with botanical elements, clouds, and colored backdrops. A mix of produced and procured, the packaging products are shown in a way that inspires both confidence and authenticity.

Built on wordpress, the Sierra Bags website is a statement piece in the packaging industry. Not willing to take the backseat to it's more flashy contents, we designed the website to showcase the natural vibrancy of Sierra Bags products. This fully functional e-commerce site is sure to turn some heads (and sell some bags).

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