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Web accessibility is building a website in such a way that it becomes usable for as many people as possible, including those with temporary or permanent disabilities. Web accessibility goes hand in hand with usability, which tests the functionality of a website and the possibility of completing a certain task in it.

In other words, we build dope websites for all folks to perceive, understand, and operate by eliminating as many barriers as possible.

We audit your existing site with various software, and the most critical testing tools of all—humans. We look for keyboard accessibility, amicable screen reader features (ARIA), color contrast, hierarchical structure, and more.

If you’re building a brand new website with us, know we’ll implement WCAG from the start, in the brand guide, photography, copy, and other deliverables. Accessibility is not a one-department job, our strategy implements it from the ground up.

The WAI has put together thorough guidelines, known as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG for short. These guidelines are based on the POUR principles—perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust—and have a 3-tier grading system—level A, AA, and AAA. We optimize the site to comply with WCAG Level AA

Why Us

Because we work with empathy and inclusivity as our core values, we invest our time in learning and knowing the WCA guidelines, making us experts on the subject, with an official W3C certification. We know that behind the screen there’s a user just like you, or me, and also others who may have different needs. We want to make sure your site is as accessible as possible for all people.

Our team works with accessibility in mind from the very beginning of the creative process, and we see these guidelines applied to other assets, such as brand guides, photography, messaging, video, etc.

Additionally, we’ve partnered with AccessiBe, a platform that advocates for web accessibility and offers a great asset to your website.

Web accessibility is an ongoing, ever-changing topic that evolves as our human needs do. We recommend continuing maintenance if your website is always growing with added services, blog posts, or other updates.

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