Arts For All Nevada

Arts For All Nevada’s mission hit home for us on multiple levels. Situated right in our neighborhood, their commitment to fostering artistic and cultural accessibility resonated deeply with us. Collaborating closely, we aimed to capture the essence of their vibrant yet impactful brand. How did we do it? Through a fresh logo, a comprehensive brand and messaging strategy, evocative photography, and a custom WordPress site, we brought their vision to life.

Arts For All Nevada is a fun, vibrant, and active organization that needed a logo to match. The classroom color palette and youthful font style lend themselves to a energetic artistic style.

the arts for all nevada brand guide, logo, values, type, color
arts for all nevada brand guide tone of voice, fonts, colors

Arts For All Nevada’s core messaging is where the philosophical underpinnings of the organization are spelled out. EVerything from the brand promises and mission statement to the types of vocabulary that should be used, such as emphasizing abilities and not using limitation language.

We were lucky enough to join AFAN for a day camp they hosted. It gave us a glimpse into the "lot’s going on" ethos of the organization, and the opportunity to capture art in motion.

The Arts For All Nevada website needed to give the same impression that the organization would in person: there’s a lot going on, but you love the feeling of it. With well placed patterns and and the use of bright colors each page feels vibrantly in motion.

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