Small Strides Preschool

Small Strides is a privately owned preschool and infant toddler nursery based in Nevada, with a 4 star (QRIS) rating. They provide high-quality education to the children of their community while encouraging them to grow in confidence and curiosity. Their goal is to provide quality care and education that benefits the child, guardians, and community alike. Each classroom provides a unique educational development program specific to that grouping of children, and they keep low student to teacher ratios so that care can be personalized for each individual child. They value and offer opportunity for both curriculum and play, as both are important for a child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.

The team wanted this logo to be playful and informative. With a nod to Small Strides Preschool’s namesake and motto, this logo (finger) paints a picture of how small steps can lead to big accomplishments.

Small Strides Preschool is an organization that holds great value in empowering children to play, be curious, and gain a confidence that will set them up for success. The Small Strides Preschool branding perfectly balances the playfulness of preschool with the structure of academia. The bright rainbow color palette and organic patterns allude to finger painting and crafts, as the concept is grounded by clean organized shapes and legible fonts. The branding brings those values into visual form and inspires further discovery.

Small Strides' mission is to provide quality care that benefits the child, parents, and community alike.

Our team intentionally shot the brand photography from two perspectives: eye level to simulate the kids eyeline (so the viewer could feel like they’re experiencing a bit of their world) and from above (the perspective most adults see children from). We edited with bright colors to match the tone and energy of the brand guide.

Small Strides preschool came to us with an unusual request: to document the construction of their new preschool facility over a five-month period. We enthusiastically embraced the opportunity and set up a continuous camera feed, capturing monthly footage dumps. Delighted with the results, they opted for the same approach for their subsequent opening as well.

With a budget in mind, we pushed the limits of what can be done on a Squarespace site with custom code. This gave us the ability to make the website look and feel what it might feel like for children to attend Small Strides.

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