Lighthouse Charities

Lighthouse Charities is a nonprofit based in Las Vegas that welcomes, assists, and empowers refugees and legal immigrants, transforming their lives and equipping them to be integral members of society. We helped Lighthouse with a complete rebrand, establishing new design, messaging, and web presence so they could better communicate who they are and what they do.

Lighthouse Charities illuminates the way towards a better future for those they serve. We created their logo to reflect this concept, utilizing playful colors and brush strokes to convey optimism and new life.

For their brand guide, we created unique design assets that represent water, land, and the sun to complement the iconic image of the Lighthouse. The organization is vibrant, so we incorporated six colors in their palette. And photography is important for their storytelling, so we provided helpful guidelines for usage so they can better share the impact they’re making through pictures.

Unlike most organizations, Lighthouse’s audience is not the people they directly serve. It’s actually those who support their mission, whether that’s through donations or volunteer efforts. So we geared their messaging to speak to these folks, articulating their mission, vision, and values in a way that connects with future partners.

We designed and developed a visually-stunning, easy to navigate website that not only provides information on Lighthouse’s organization and services, but also emphasizes the real humans they serve, highlighting their success stories and using high-res photography to provide an emotional impact on those who visit their site.

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