Biggest Little Skincare Co.

Embracing the belief that everyone is beautiful, Biggest Little Skincare Co. offers a straightforward and effective skincare solution that nourishes, soothes, and enhances the appearance of your skin. So in all the work we did for BLSC, we had one primary goal—make it beautiful.

Biggest Little Skincare Co. provides simple skincare solutions, so we designed a minimalist logo to reflect this.

BLSC utilizes natural ingredients in their products, so we incorporated earth tones in their branding, evoking the inherent, natural beauty of every body. We added a crisp font and simple design assets, and produced photography that promotes inclusivity.

BLSC’s niche market is… everyone. They’re that inclusive. So we crafted their messaging to reach a broad audience, with an honest and encouraging tone, conveying both their passion and authenticity.

BLSC’s hero product, the Biggest Little Beauty Balm, is the hero of their photography. For this stylized product photoshoot, we highlighted the beautifully branded balm surrounded by the natural ingredients that make it special.

As an e-commerce company, we built BLSC a Shopify site that tells their story, connects with their audience, and demonstrates the effectiveness of their products, all with an easy-to-navigate layout and ordering process.

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