Brandon Taylor

At Mabble Media, we partnered with Brandon Taylor, a seasoned mortgage consultant, to develop a standout brand identity. From crafting a polished logo to capturing authentic photos that reflect his expertise, every detail was carefully curated. Our focus on clear messaging and seamless WordPress website design ensures Brandon’s online presence exudes professionalism and trustworthiness, setting him apart in the competitive mortgage market.

We aimed to create a bold and visually striking logo for Brandon. The final design evokes the imagery of windows of opportunity and a doorway to making the impossible possible, with Brandon positioned at the threshold, guiding his clients toward their dream homes.

In developing Brandon’s brand strategy and guide, our aim was to establish a cohesive and compelling narrative that reflects his expertise and values. The strategy we crafted serves as a roadmap, outlining key messaging pillars and visual elements that resonate with his target audience.

Through research and collaboration, we identified Brandon’s unique selling points and crafted a distinct brand voice that sets him apart in the mortgage industry. The guide we produced serves as a comprehensive resource, providing clear guidelines for communication and visual identity, ensuring consistency across all touch points and reinforcing Brandon’s reputation as a trusted advisor in the field.

In capturing photography for Brandon, our aim was to showcase his professionalism and approachability through authentic imagery. Each photograph was thoughtfully composed to convey Brandon’s expertise in mortgage consultation while also capturing genuine moments that resonate with his clients.

Whether in candid moments that reveal his warmth and empathy or in carefully crafted scenes that exude confidence and trustworthiness, our videography captures the essence of Brandon’s brand and sets the stage for meaningful connections with his audience.

In developing a custom WordPress website for Brandon Taylor Mortgage, we drew upon our comprehensive understanding of Brandon’s brand identity and values. From the bold and visually striking logo to the carefully curated photography and compelling brand messaging, every element was meticulously integrated into the website design. Our goal was to create a seamless online experience that reflects Brandon’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to his clients. Through intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and visually engaging content, the website serves as a digital storefront where visitors can learn about Brandon’s services, explore mortgage resources, and ultimately take the next steps toward their homeownership goals.

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