Smells like good branding

As a new company, we experience “firsts” on a regular basis. Thankfully, we are also getting more settled in some of our ways which is giving us the chance to really dig deep for the next level in our skills. Branding Guides have become a pretty common project for us and so we are continuing to expand further to create truly unique brands.


For our clients at Cornerstone Comprehensive Wealth Mangament we asked ourselves the question – how do we break out beyond a 2-dimensional identity and encompass a 3-dimensional space?


Today’s answer:


Tactile Branding.

We knew we wanted anyone who comes in contact with the brand to be captivated by all the thoughtful details that went in to each piece of branding. That meant sitting down and brainstorming the best way to titillate all five senses.



The majority of this branding guide helps keep the brand on track with clean, visually appealing materials, both from a distance and from close up. Catching someone’s eye in this particular brand was about really paying attention to the little details and honing in on CONSISTENCY. We advised on everything from the color ink to use (pewter when possible) and what types of photos to avoid (no cheesy stock photos or clip art, please). Everything from multi layered textures to the way the light flickers and reflects off print mediums will work together to bring the perfect brand experience.



What is it with scent and memory? Whether smelling parchment, freshly mowed grass, or your grandmother’s famous cookie recipe, a smell can take you back to a certain place and time.  Your brand should have that effect too! For special customer service materials, we suggested that the client use a wax stamp with elements of their logo pressed with thick paper. We also advised on office atmosphere and scents – coffee brewing, fresh cookies, etc.  When clients get a whiff, the smell intentionality is placed right with their brand.



We can not stress enough how paper type will play a critical role to a brand. Every time a beautiful logo is printed on not-so-beatiful paper a graphic designer somewhere loses their wings. Thick, luxurious paper is the way to go for this company.  The embossing of their logo on particular print collateral will allow for yet another way for people to touch, experience and interact with their brand.



The paper type has a role to play in all of the senses, including sound. Using high quality paper that can be heard when flipping through a brochure or when sliding a paper across a desk does make a difference. The difference is in the details.



Yes, even taste played a role in this branding guide. We suggested that the client allow their customers to review their beautifully branded documents at their office with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in one hand and a homemade cookie in the other. Even the type of coffee was paid attention to for this one.



Reaffirming a potential client’s choice to walk through your door should be job number one when it comes to filling your space. Below are a few of the questions we outlined for our client to keep in mind when choosing things as minuscule as pens and coffee.

  • Does this product convey value and purpose when touched, seen, or smelled?
  • Are the objects in your office serving a function, either aesthetically or practically?
  • Does your customer/client leave feeling like a priority?


These questions can all be addressed in a myriad of ways, but handing out some sort of takeaway is one of the most effective. Whether they are handed a branded bottle of Merlot, a money clip, or a quality ink pen, their customers will leave associating their brand with the terms “high end” and “quality service.”


Cornerstone’s logo, branding, print collateral, and website was designed by Mabble Media and worked on in conjunction with KMS marketing. Visit COrnerstone’s website to see their brand in action.



We really enjoyed creating the perfect branding for this client. We love helping companies develop a beautiful, unique-to-you strategy. CONTACT US today to learn more about creating a branding guideline!


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