Black Bear Lodge


The Black Bear Lodge logo needed to clearly communicate it's rustic luxury vibe, adventurous yet serene. Recognizable on it's own, the bear and tree silhouette work together to comfort and inspire the viewer.


Connection is a recurring value for Black Bear Lodge, so we designed the brand in a way that fosters both a connection to the natural elements surrounding the lodge property but also a connection to oneself. Utilizing the shapes of river rocks, lanterns, and illustrated cabins we brought the coziness factor to a whole new level.

Black Bear Lodge Brand Guide

How do you communicate something as a charming but new experience? Adventurous but also calming? Black Bear Lodge is many things to many people, and we honed that language and those audiences in the messaging portion of their brand guide.

“We don’t just offer a room to stay—we offer an experience, a connection to a place. Our whole property shapes the experience. The serene spaciousness of the grounds, the organic connection between the building and the setting, and the prime location to the lake and Heavenly Mountain— all of it captures the essence of Tahoe.”

-Black Bear Lodge, “Experience” Core Value


It is always a joy to photograph (and stay overnight at) beautiful properties like Black Bear Lodge. Our resident photographer captured all the thrills and frills that come alongside a dreamy mountainside stay.


With cost in mind, we took a simple squarespace website framework and reworked the look and feel with customized brand assets and illustrations. After integrating their booking engine of choice it became a fully functional lodging reservation website.

Black Bear Lodge Website
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