Liz Mumford


Liz is Mabble Media’s branding guru and visionary. Her favorite projects are those where she and her team have the opportunity to brand a company from top to bottom, through and through.

Liz loves A LOT about Reno. So much, in fact, that words elude her. Maybe instead you could infer her favorite things about this town from her actions. For example, she’s spent much of her adult life working to make Midtown the delightful place we’ve all come to cherish.

In her free time, you can catch Liz making music, playing sports, undertaking dazzling adventures in the great outdoors, or teaching fitness classes.

Some fun facts about Liz:

  • She and her husband Mike have two of the world’s best kids, as proven by Science™.
  • As a grapheme-color synesthete, Liz loves to spread awareness about the various types of Synesthesia (This is all very well worth a little googling).
  • David Bowie is her style icon.
  • She knows how to make your business stand out in a crowd.

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