Basic Graphic Design Tools You Should Be Using

Beginner and expert designers alike will tell you that even the simplest tools can be game-changers on tricky tasks. Whether you need to quickly select an object or make something disappear completely, these basic tools will help save you time and money on your next project.


Not a designer? Enjoy a peak behind the curtain!






m wand min


wand min


One of Adobe Photoshop’s more advanced features, this tool can help you instantly remove unwanted objects from a photograph. Using Adobe’s advanced algorithm, the software will select pixels around the object that would be suited to act as a replacement.


In layman’s terms: it disappears things you need disappeared.


content aware fill min




lasso min


We. Love. To. Lasso.


Using the lasso, you can drag your cursor from your starting point around your object to create a path. Following your mouse’s movements, the Lasso will connect all the way back to your origin point.


This style of freehand selection makes selecting objects easier. From there you can customize the effect by selecting “Add to selection”, “Subtract from selection”, and “Select from mask”. We recommend playing around with this basic tool in order to unlock the advanced applications.



lasso tool min






m hand min


Simple yet elegant, the hand tools allows to shift your image in your window if you are zoomed in more than 100%. Quickly hitting “h” and dragging your canvas for a better view is a feeling we needed get tired of.


hand tool min



MagicWand min

What other Adobe selection tools do manually, the Magic Wand does automatically. Because the selection algorithm is based on colors, this is a great tool for selecting the background of a photo of an object that is a single color. Once the Magic Wand comes across a pixel of a different color, it will stop!


Even better, you can adjust the Magic Wand’s “Tolerance” setting, making it more or less tolerant of color changes.


magic wand tool min



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