21 Reasons Listicles Make Great Blogs

Listicle: a piece of writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list.


By now everyone is surely familiar with the big splash listicles have made online. Not only do readers love this style of content, but it’s actually also an effective tool to have at your disposal when you need good content fast. But what makes listicles such a compelling option for readers and writers alike?


We’re so glad you asked. Below are the top 23 reasons why listicles make great blogs.


1. Short sound-bite copywriting makes for higher quality content. Seriously, who can’t write one good sentence about something?


2. Lots of room for memes, and that’s basically what the internet is mainly used for anyways.


3. It’s the easiest type of blog to repeat as your own opinion.


4. Highly skimmable, because who’s reading every word on this anyways?


5. Love it or leave it, people who wholeheartedly agree will swear by your list, everyone else will forget it instantly.


6. Lists trim the fat. I can click into “Top ten places to get a Portland burger” without having to read about some blogger’s morning routine and dream interpretations.


7. They’re greater than the sum of their parts. While the top 6 least effective hangover cures looks depressing in your diary, it looks great on a blog.


8. Listicles are mostly opinion based, so your research could be as simple as “I ate these items and here are my mouth’s favorites”.


9. We all get to harness our inner Count von Count. Ten tremendous tips, ha ha ha.


10. Brains. Love. Lists. That’s just science.


11. It’s clear up front how much you’re reading. “151 Hat Cleaning Tips” – nobody has time for that.


12. Easy to bookmark and recall the information.


13. They can quickly pack a big punch, utilizing graphics, videos, quotes, pictures, and whatever else that adds value.


14. Listicles are low effort blog writing (not that we aren’t trying hard right now) with a higher chance for online traction. Who doesn’t love effective and efficient business building tools?


15. They are easily translated into social media posts, infographics, and videos.


16. Kangaroo births will blow your mind. (If the list is long you can include random stuff in the middle to test whether the reader is paying attention.)


17. It’s harder to form an opinion based on only reading the blog title, so readers are forced to actually read the content. Bye bye, fake-news: listicles are here.


18. Need to make an edit? It’s easier to change a single item in a listicle blog than it is to change an opinion or theme threaded throughout an essay style blog.


19. A listicle can easily be made into a photo gallery carousel for even more online traction.


20. People feel the need to finish a listicle, and rarely have that feeling with a regular blog.


21. The list can keep going as long as you can keep thinking of things to include.


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