2022 Website Trends

It is hard to believe that we are already this deep into 2022 (time is a flat circle). The new year has brought with it new design trends, and we’re here for it.  We’ve seen designers rethink design norms and principles, push the envelope and embrace nostalgia. All to give us designs that are uniquely 2022. The web design trends listed below can help inspire anyone who needs a new website to build something clever and fun!


muse mabble


A New Kind of Hero


The latest in hero images has been to swap them out, switch them up, play with shape or to not use hero images at all. The hero section of a website doesn’t need to solely rely on imagery or photo carousels to be an incredible introduction to your business. Keeping things simple or doing something different than the typical large image with text can provide a surprise to your audience and can keep them scrolling. Just look at websites like The Muse Mabble site which use color, shapes, typography, and layout to communicate their unique brand identity in a different way.



horizong church hero image


Typography that’s bigger and bolder


At a certain size, words become more of a graphic element than simply copy, making typography the visual focal point. Sometimes, the bigger and bolder the typography, the better and longer-lasting impression a website can make, like the Horizon Church website. Using a large font as a graphic element can create a surprising effect. Typography has always been subject to experimentation. This year is sure to be full of experimentation in typography uses.



diana health hero image


Handmade Elements


Illustrations have been used in web design for years and hand drawn elements in particular are continuing to rise in popularity with some interesting and unpredictable results. The mixing and matching of different mediums have us particularly excited. Organic textures add a handmade look and feel, hand-drawn scribbles provide familiarity, mixing and matching seemingly endless possibilities are a welcome contrast when viewed online! Check out the Diana Health website for an example of mixing handmade elements to tell your brand’s story.



dayamed hero image


Complex Gradients


Complex gradients are high up on the list of 2022 web design trends. Gradients can be used to add depth to flat images and can help bring a design to life. Gradients made a comeback in 2018, with the now infamous Instagram gradient logo redesign. Since then, we have seen all sorts of creative and interactive designs using the trend. We love gradients because it can take a minimalist, easy-to-navigate site and adds a surprising element of depth and color. Check out Dayamed for an example of this! We expect to see gradients in 2022!



sierra bags hero image


Layering and Masking of Patterns and Colors


Layering and masking are great techniques that involve using patterns to reveal, or contain, additional content within shapes. It’s often subtle and beautiful and can provide movement or texture. This technique has a lot of room for experimentation in both abstract and conceptual approach. Check out Sierra Bags for examples of this fun trend.



arts for all nevada hero image


Sites that Delight


Speaking of fun…  Fun is making a comeback in a big way. Fun web design looks like bright colors, good vibes, surprising animation and interesting characters. This year we hope to see fun surprises left and right. Because… well the world needs more fun! One of our favorite delightful sites is the Arts for All Nevada website.


Here’s looking at you, 2022! It is going to be an interesting year for web design trends. We see both experimental typography and a return to basics. We see both simple patterns and geometry and layering of color and pattern. It is going to be a year where boundaries are pushed and we can’t wait to see the new designs that come out of it!


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