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Seven Branches Venue and Inn


Seven Branches’ branding is a confident combination of hospitality and warmth. When we created their branding, we made sure the color palette reflected the natural tones of their geographical location. The beauty of their space would blend seamlessly with their branding elements.


Friends don’t let friends use stock imagery. It’s important for your brand that you look authentically you. Stock imagery doesn’t quite get you there. Mabble will put our creative energies to making you look, well, Like you. Whether shooting video or images, we have the artistic eye to bring your brand to life.


Seven Branches Venue and Inn offers a serene retreat where tranquility and luxury abound. We wanted to build a website that matched the look and feel of the Seven Branch’s space. Taking that and using their branding design, fonts, and colors, we created a website that helps define their brand and give people a landing page to look at when discovering where to stay in Sonoma. We used a unique layout and their beautiful photography to really set them apart!

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