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A branding guide is an important step in creating your business identity. A good branding guide captures the essence and personality of a company, and provides ongoing instructional support. It is a great snapshot of the visual elements of a company, and ensures consistency and great branding!


Mabble will put out creative energies to making you look, well, like you. Whether shooting video or images, we have the artistic eye to bring your brand to life.


Breathe Bar needed a social media strategy so we rolled up our sleeves and put together a guide that helped direct what type of posts should be added, their social media voice, and what visual elements should be included to best meet their goals and branding. We gave photography direction and created social media templates that can be added and changed by the client to share events and promotional items in a way that still fits their branding. Additionally, we helped with hashtag creation and looked into their social metrics to discover the best times to post for their audience and industry. Based on all these things we put together a social calendar to make their social strategy go as easy as possible while also helping to share their brand to their potential audience.


We designed and developed a website based on Breathe Bar's new branding and logo.

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