Mabble Looks Back At It – New Year, New Site, Same Mabble

First there was light, then there was sound, then there was Mabble Media.

(Okay, our business isn’t that old, but it has more of a history than many of you may know.)




Years ago, a young, ambitious videographer created a business name for his freelance work. That name was, “Mabble.” Yes, that’s right. The business, Mabble, originally started as the name of a freelance wedding videographer. But wait, it gets even crazier. That freelance videographer is actually our very own Bobby Stiehler, co-owner and lead web developer of Mabble Media. Things have changed a lot from where they began. We still do videography (not for weddings anymore, however), but now we do so much more. We went from a one man freelancer, to a business partnership between two creatives, to now having ten employees as a full service creative agency. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves with this story.




Mabble Media formed into the creative agency it is today when one brilliant brain said to another brilliant brain, “Hey. I like what you’re doing. Let’s partner up and take things to the next level.” The other brilliant brain in this scenario is co-owner and lead designer, Liz Mumford. Liz and Bobby set out on a creative venture and the two of them started from the bottom (literally. They started in a basement) and now they here (100 California Ave, suite 202).






We started with just the basics. Our cameras, our computers and our basement. And it felt right.


Mostly because a lot of the time our office looked like this:




And on days where it didn’t we got to hang with these guys:





As we began to grow our team, the basement became more and more crowded. We started to find ourselves out in search of more space and wifi. We worked anywhere and everywhere. Old World was a favorite. Coffee Bar gave us life. RAWBRY took us in. We even had the occasional meeting passing by one another in the grocery store because we were “run into each other in the diaper and dog toy aisle and have a 30 minute meeting” busy.





With the addition of a few team members including our current Graphic Design Specialist, Taylor Steinhardt, it was time to go out in the world in search of a space. We found a beautiful spot in the heart of midtown.


Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 10.25.58 AM



Liz’s kitchen brings back such memories. And that is because a good portion of our business has been done from this very place. While we loved our old office space, with the birth of a second baby Mumford and the desire to keep costs low for a time, we moved back to “works from home” status. At Liz’s house we had the pleasure of designing with a baby or two in tow, coffee was always on the pot and Pearl was always available with puppy breath kisses.


Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 10.26.08 AM



From “works at home” to a full service branding agency. We added team members with specific skill sets that have broadened our services list! We can now provide not only videography, web design, branding and graphic design but also photography, social media, content writing and search engine optimization. We have ten talented Mabble-ites who help make us who we are today! And to house a team this great we needed a classically beautiful space with a touch of Mabble attitude. We found a spot on California Ave (above Old World to fuel our caffeine-starved artists) and in the heart of Midtown. This location is perfect for us. It is bright and airy and allows us to roll up our sleeves and get creative. Four offices, a conference room and brainstorming space is a happy step up from a kitchen table.


Screenshot 2024 01 29 at 10.26.18 AM


For those that don’t know, the term Mabble is defined as, “to finish with beauty, excellence, and purpose.” This is the exact philosophy we use in every project. And while a lot has changed, that has not. From the humble roots of a freelancer’s basement, Mabble Media has grown to a fully staffed agency located in the heart of Reno, Nevada.


web design company graphic design 1 web design seo company reno



To mark our four year anniversary, to celebrate just how far we’ve come and to showcase our talented team, we launched a brand stinkin’ new website! We are super excited to share it with ya’ll. Because while we spend every waking second thinking about your branding, our own sometimes goes untouched. So without further ado, we present our brand new brand and website! Let us know what you think!




A lot has changed over the years, but one thing hasn’t: Our love of helping companies develop a beautiful, unique-to-you strategy. Contact us today to learn more about creating a branding guideline!


Mabble Media helps brands engage their consumer so they can build awareness, create conversation, and drive brand consideration. We develop inspired brand identities that bring your company’s personality to life. We are eager to learn more about your goals and provide you with a branding strategy tailored to your business. Contact us today for branding!