Logo Design Trends We Are Excited About For 2018

Recognizing logo design trends is an essential part of choosing a logo that feels fresh and relevant. Here are some of our latest logos and the design trends that we are excited about!

Responsive/contextual Logos

These days, logo designers not only have to create aesthetically pleasing designs, but must also have deep understanding of the different contexts in which those designs will be applied. Posters, business cards, signs, installations, advertisements and packaging are only a few examples of places a logo can end up. In 2018 keep your eyes peeled for an increased awareness to context in logo design.


An example of a logo that we created several versions of to fit in different locations is Reno Booze Bus. See below!


creative logo design reno booze bus 1 300x121 1


Architecturally inspired Logos


While basing a logo design off of an architectural design is nothing new, it is making a come back in innovative ways. Physical space has always been important in creating a brand identity but as move toward more digital platforms, designers are finding ways to capture the look of architectural landmarks as both an homage to the past and to embody physical manifestation of the brand through their location.


A logo that we are particularly excited about architecture-wise is the Elm Estate logo. We created this logo with the building itself in mind. It looks great on its own and even better on the modern frosted glass doors of the venue.


logo design reno architecture 298x300 1


Logos that are just plain fun


Fun has always been a staple in logo design. Fun is hard to resist and it is making a come back in a big way. Fun looks like  bright colors, good vibes and interesting characters. This year we hope to see fun logos left and right. Because… well the world needs more fun! Some of our favorite fun designs can be seen below.


fun logo design company reno 1 150x150 1


Experimental typography Logos


From old style to sans serif, typography has always been subject to experimentation. This includes new typographic shapes to the modification of pre-existing typefaces. This year is sure to be full of continued experimentation in typography and innovative concepts. Here are some of our Mabble-made favorites!


ski resort restaurant logo design agency reno tahoe 1 300x242 1


Layering and masking of patterns and color


Layering and masking are great techniques that involve using patterns to reveal, or contain, additional content within shapes. It’s often subtle and beautiful and can provide movement or texture. This technique has a lot of room for experimentation in both abstract and conceptual approach. Some of our favorite recent examples of masking/layering in logo design is include the following logos!


resort logo design company reno creative agency 1 300x245 1


Geometric Logos


Typography isn’t the only aspect of logo design receiving simplification these days. The actual shapes used in logos have as well, with an increased focus on minimal geometry. This less is more way of branding allows for versatility, readability and instant impact. We expect to see a whole lot of it in 2018. Check out an example below!



logo v2 gold


2018 looks to be an interesting year for logo design trends. We see both experimental typography and a return to basics. We see both simple patterns and geometry and layering of color and pattern. It is going to be a year where boundaries are pushed and we can’t wait to see the new logo designs that come out of Reno!


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