Let’s Talk About Nirvana

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with Nirvana Beauty Lounge over the last few years on projects ranging from creating their branding to building their website. During that time we’ve grown closer to founder and owner Joanne, whose incredible outlook and journey is part of what draws people to Nirvana Beauty Lounge. Our staff writer, Brandon Evans, was able to sit down with Joanne to discuss her story and perspective in a powerful piece titled “It’s All in a Name”



“Our name shapes our identity. There was a time and place when, if your surname was Baker or Fisher or something with Smith in it, people automatically knew what you did for a living. Even today, what we’re called has been linked to a host of outcomes, including employment success and likeability.



While last names are automatically passed down along family lines, there’s creative freedom in choosing a first one. So every parent who has named a child has been asked some form of “what’s the story behind it?” (Those of us who gave our kids weird names get asked that question with the subtext of “and what’s wrong with you?“) Regardless of our age, gender, or nationality, we are all given a moniker at birth and inherit someone else’s story along with it. Only the rare few get to choose their own. Joanne Le is one of them.”



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