Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Writing?



As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be updated and self improved, the capabilities begin to effect more and more industries. Not sure how your company might be utilizing AI in the near future?




Slogans, product descriptions, and even blogs- AI is getting closer than ever to being able to write in creative and thoughtful ways. While we wouldn’t recommend letting it write the entirety of your next press release just yet, it can serve as a jumping off point, for creative exercises, or be used as a tool to help with writers block.


We have four examples below of what can be produced from AI in a few seconds with a simple writing prompt.


human robot


PROMPT: Write a slogan for a Muffins and Mittens store.


(the text below was written entirely by AI)


Attempt 1: Warm muffins and warm hearts.


Attempt 2: Muffins and Mittens: Where Warmth and Deliciousness Meet


Attempt 3: Muffins and Mittens – The Coziest Combination!


little girl with robot


PROMPT: Write a funny social media post about real estate.


(the text below was written entirely by AI)


The #1 reason to buy a home: to avoid your teenage kids from ever having to leave.


The #1 reason to sell your home: to get your teenage kids out of the house.


Contact us today to get started on either one.


astronaut robot


PROMPT: Write 30 hashtags about writing.


(the text below was written entirely by AI)


#writer #writing #writercommunity #writerslife #writerofinstagram #amwriting #writingcommunity #writingislife #writingtips #writinginspiration #writingmotivation #writingjourney #lovewriting #instawriting #instawriter #writinginspo #writingcoach #writinggoals #writingadvice #writingblog #writinggram #writinglove #writingabook #writinglife #writing2017


artificial intelligence


PROMPT: Write a blog about AI’s impact on blogging.


(the text below was written entirely by AI)


Blogging is evolving. In the past, it was all about personal thoughts and experiences. But now, bloggers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help them create better content, manage their blogs more efficiently, and even connect with readers on a deeper level. With the amount of data that’s now available and the computational power to process it, AI is increasingly being used to create and enhance content.


 AI is changing the blogging landscape in a number of ways. For one, AI can help bloggers generate ideas for new content. This is especially useful for bloggers who struggle with coming up with topics to write about on a regular basis.


Additionally, AI can be used to help bloggers research and analyze data related to their blog posts. This information can be used to improve the quality of blogger’s content and make it more engaging and relevant to their readers.


Lastly, AI can help bloggers build stronger relationships with their readers. By analyzing reader behavior and understanding their needs and interests, bloggers can create content that speaks directly to their audiences. Additionally, AI can be used to personalize the blogging experience for each individual reader, resulting in a more engaged and loyal audience.


There’s no doubt that AI is changing the blogging landscape. And as AI technology continues to evolve, we can only expect the impact on blogging to be even greater. So if you’re a blogger, it’s time to embrace AI and use it to your advantage. After all, the future of blogging depends on it.


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