Evolution Of The Midtown Art Walk Design

We love Artown. As artists and Reno’s self proclaimed biggest fans, we can’t help but get excited when the month of July roles around.


One event in particular is near and dear to our hearts. We love the Midtown Art Walk because it showcases the unexpected culture of our beloved city. The event stirs up your senses with a variety of art, food, and live performances and draws you through our unique shops and restaurants to get a glimpse of all the talent our city has to offer.


We get a bit nostalgic for this event because the logo was created by our very own Liz Mumford and her brother, Jake Anderson. It was hand-drawn by Jake and then digitally modified by Liz who was the Walk’s Creative Director for 6 years while working with Living Stones Church.


The event came around at time where not many events like this existed for our little town. It’s an example of how a single event, an art event for that matter, can change the economy of a neighborhood – some would say it was a catalyst in changing what our city is known for.


Every brand goes through an evolution, and this Walk wore a lot of different logos until the our brother and sister duo presented the current one. See below to catch a glimpse of the brand’s growth and history.


2009 – 2010

The first two art walks were within a year of each other. The first art walk was actually held in the winter and was hot chocolate themed. And then the second was held that following summer and was lemonade themed. Tasty!



Living Stones Church Takes the Torch


Jessica, Aaron, and Mike, officially asked Living Stones to take over the art walk and Liz was one of the creative directors at the time so Liz was assigned the Creative Director of the Art Walk.


midtown art walk creative agency logo design



The 2012 logo and design was designed by Liz using the lamppost theme.


midtown art walk art town reno branding type logo

reno midtown art walk pamplet event map design company


Pamphlet Design and Event Map


Using the branding from that year, Liz created the Midtown Art Walk map to help art enthusiasts find each of the events, merchants, and artists.


midtown art walk reno art town creative agency


2013 Midtown Artwalk Logo and Poster


The 2013 Midtown poster came to be with an art competition. All original assets were created by winner Rachel Scala and the graphic design was carried out by Liz Mumford. Again, the lamppost was the center piece for this poster.


midtown art walk reno art town branding logo design


Midtown Art Walk Flyers


Using the artwork by Rachel Scala, Liz created the OVERALL BRANDING STRATEGY and GRAPHIC DESIGN for the Art Walk FLYERS.


midtown art walk creative agency paphlet event map design


Midtown Art Walk Event Map and Brochure


Liz created the GRAPHIC DESIGN for the Art Walk EVENT MAP and put together the BROCHURE using Rachel Scala’s original artwork.


reno midtown art walk flyer graphic design company


Midtown Art Walk Documentary


Liz and Craig were interviewed in an Artown documentary featuring the Midtown Art walk.


reno midtown art walk marketing design branding company



2014 a New Logo is Born


In 2014 the Midtown Art Walk logo you see today was born. The logo was created by our very own Liz Mumford and her brother, Jake Anderson. The photo here is Jake sporting some of the year’s swag.


midtown art walk art town reno logo design creative agency 1 1

midtown art walk reno art town logo design tshirt design


Midtown Art Walk Flyers


Using the LOGO she and her brother created, Liz DESIGNED THE FLYERS for the Midtown Art Walk.


midtown art walk reno logo design flyer design branding


2014 and Beyond


Liz left Living Stones to start Mabble Media after the 2015 Art Walk, but Art Walk Director Craig Parish and Art Walk Master Coordinator and VP of all amazing things, Carli Ragains, have kept up the great work. They also continue to use the 2014 branding.


So keep an eye out for the logo designs while you are out appreciating the art walk! We would love to hear about it if you spot our work about town. Let us know too if you see any other designs that catch your fancy.


We highly recommend attending this amazing event of Artown. But just in case you must miss it, one other Artown event to check out might be:



JULY 29 – 6 PM



Learn more about it’s history watch the short ARTOWN DOCUMENTARY featuring the event HERE.


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