Cotton Candy Clouds is for the kid in all of us!

No matter if you’re one-year-old or 109-years-old… You’ll find something to take your imagination to new heights inside Cotton Candy Clouds. That’s the mantra owner, Jessica Johnsen, shares with people inquiring about her services. “We are providing creative adventure experiences, which includes daily play, daily exploration, just hands on one-on-one learning with a parent, grandparent, caregiver, or nanny,” she explains. What started as an outdoor adventure playgroup nearly five years ago, has turned into a brick-and-mortar storefront on Main Street in Gardnerville. “If you would have asked me five years ago, if this is what I saw myself doing, I would have looked at you crazy. This is now what I want to be doing and bringing into the community.”  


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Its purpose is to spark a child’s imagination through adventure. Johnsen noticed that the experience went beyond inspiring children, “I had an 80-year-old in here playing with Lincoln Logs the other day. Really it is geared for the children, but I think it’s just as beneficial for the adults,”says Johnsen. Cotton Candy Clouds started as a picnic in the park with other moms. It grew and took legs of its own. Now that Mabble has stepped in, Johnsen can focus on creating daily experiences to support the needs of kids, parents, and caregivers.


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“It’s just you come and show up for whatever adventure is going to be on that day. We change the studio out once a month. And currently we are in nature’s wild, wild forest” says Johnsen. There was a soft opening for Cotton Candy Clouds in March of this year, followed by a grand opening celebration in April. “We are just in the midst of finishing up our final construction project, which is a huge community Wisdom Tree that we are building inside the studio. So that’s our final phase.” Now, the business is gearing up for an even bigger grand opening celebration set for June 7th. Johnsen tells me this event is where people will gather to explore their creativity, adding “I’m calling it a happy hour where we really just come together.”  


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People in Northern Nevada are able to build upon the idea of community by providing hands-on learning experiences ranging from sensory science to dramatic play. “We’ve been going on fairy hunts, bear hunts. We’ve been finding the birds that are in the studio and we’re bringing in some caterpillars soon to turn into butterflies. There is just something new and creative happening every day!” She credits Mabble Media for not only believing in her dream but enhancing it with the team’s ideas and creativity. Johnsen says their partnership is about trust.

“They just get it. It’s not hard to work together. They make it easy. It’s just creative minds working together,” says Johnsen. Her work with the media company took off and she now has a better website and logo to share with customers. She attempted to create it herself but found that her work didn’t portray the brand the way she wanted. Johnsen says people are now responding to her brand’s elements because she took the time to work with this trusted agency to bring it to life. It also means the world to her to be able to support a local business, “We have so much to give here in this community that I feel is not seen by a lot of the rest of the world, really. So it’s just creating that community awareness, staying local, supporting small business, and just really helping each other grow.  


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This is why we’re in business. To help you, help your dreams. To amplify your goals for your non-profit or business, email to learn more. The official grand opening for Cotton Candy Clouds is set from 5pm to 7pm on June 6th, at 1503 US Highway 395 North, Suite K in Gardnerville.