Cool Things About Shopify 

We treat all website builders, hosts, and platforms equally… on the first build. To be honest, we have pretty strict standards for where our websites live, and we hate to see a clunky or outdated platform negatively affect a killer site. So when my website team approached me, saying, “We should write a blog about how much we love Shopify” it really said a lot about the quality of this platform. I asked them to send me their reasons, and 20 minutes later my inbox chimed with an invitation to a new Google doc titled “Cool Things About Shopify”.


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So, without further ado, I present to you some cool things about Shopify:

  • Shopify has four plans to choose from.

This means it has great scalability and options for those who are just getting started in e-commerce, as well as for those who have a complex array of products, categories, shipping zones, etc. Mabble can help you set up your store and be up and running with a beautiful website.

  • It has a super friendly SEO platform, along with other marketing tools such as cross-channel selling. 

This means your Shopify catalog will be easily displayed on Instagram and Facebook for bigger revenue and exposure. Our team can create an SEO strategy that’s unique to your business and products.

  • It’s super easy to manage the backend. 

Products, shipping zones, categories, discounts and sales, stock, and others are easily manageable on Shopify’s user-friendly platform. As part of our web services, Mabble provides training to our clients so they can learn how to easily keep their store updated.

  • There are lots of optional add-ons.

These are called apps in the Shopify world. Need product reviews? Get an app. Need product bundles? Get an app. Need a store just for members? Get an app. The possibilities are really endless, and Mabble can find the best option(s) for you.

  • It offers a wide variety of themes and looks to choose from.

Plus, with a brand guide from Mabble and our team of web code-benders, we can uniquely customize your store’s site.

  • Shopify has great security features and reliable servers.



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So, to sum it up, why do we like working with Shopify?

Because it is the perfect tool for those who are selling products online, as well as for those who are in a time crunch managing their business, shipping, and inventory (we are client advocates).

Because we know the nooks of Shopify and can help your business reach its potential (we’ve got the knowledge).

Because it is not only a reliable e-com platform, it is able to incorporate a custom brand guide and design (we are artists).


For some visual examples, here is our current favorite Shopify website:

Happiest Hour—a fun local business that creates terpene-infused beverages with a higher purpose.