Branding Guides And Their Importance in Your Web Design

Too few businesses take the time to create a company branding guide. In the absence of a unifying style guide, incorrect or inconsistent content and branding may be applied.


What happens when a branding guide is not created before your website?

Mabble has seen our fair share of websites built without first deciding on branding. It can be done, but it isn’t always pretty. Here’s what happens when you jump into a site without the help of a well thought out branding guide:

  • Your website can end up having too much going on and feel busy and inconsistent.
  • Or your website may look very standard and be missing that certain something that really sets you apart.
  • Or, most commonly, you can end up spending more money than you would have because so many changes are made trying to get the look and feel just right during build out.


BUT, when companies have a branding guide BEFORE beginning a web design project it makes the process go much more smoothly. When we have the branding guide in hand, we know we are on the right track for your company, your messaging, and your customers.


Getting your Design Details just right


During the design phase, there are many details to think about that combine into something meaningful. Your branding guide encompasses everything from logos to subtler elements like color tones and types of typography you’ll use on your site. When you have a branding guide, all of this becomes simple and works as a perfect web design reference tool. This allows Mabble to quickly discover your needs and best spend time perfecting the details of your site (For an example of a website that turned out great with the aid of a well thought out branding strategy, check out InKase).


Branding guides are great Beyond Web Design Build out


Your branding guide gets referenced by your web designer, developers, and marketing team so they have a better idea of what to create for you. But they are also useful internally. They can be used as a template of details that make your company uniquely you. Your branding guide can serve as a checklist to make sure edits to your website, slight marketing tweaks, blogs and social media posts are done correctly as well.


A branding guide is an essential part of the website design process. For tips on creating your own consistent and identifiable branding materials contact us for a consultation!