With a Shot of Mabble

These art pieces were made for the mabble media staff. Each one represents a mabble value or campaign.

In July 2015, we launched a social media campaign to test our skills in guerilla marketing and Social Media Strategy.


with the goal of reaching new consumers During a large Reno event, we opened a tab at a local coffee shop (also one of our clients) and offered that anyone who came in asking for their coffee with “a shot of Mabble” would get their coffee for free on us.


We specifically targeted the event because we knew we would recEIve extra social media traffic from the event’s popular hashtag, #midtownartwalk. Additionally, the coffee shop’s location was at the center of the event’s activity.


This being an event where foot traffic was the only way to get around, word traveled fast about the free coffee.


free coffe for everyone text logo on an image

we are going to give you all something for free tomorrow

coffe banner from mabble media


Over 150 people ordered their drinks with “a shot of Mabble,” with only a small percentage of those people knowing who we were prior to that date. Furthermore, many used the event hashtag and Mabble’s tag together, creating a new flow of cross promotion exposure for us. Those consumers walked away with a free drink, a business card, and a great first impression of the company.


Moral of the Story – Secrets aren’t fun unless you are a part of one.