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Mabble Media is  web design and development  creative agency. With your brand and audience in mind, we roll up our leaves to get you a website that looks great and (perhaps most importantly) preforms well for you brand and business. When sitting down with a client we like to get a feel for the best tools for their goals. We are well-versed in many content management systems and can help find the best tool for you, including but not limited to  Squarespace web design.

Mabble Media is a creative agency with a love of great design. First and foremost we are artists.  If you chose to work with us you know you are getting a one-of-a-kind, beautiful Squarespace design.

What is the Deal with Squarespace?

Mabble Media | Creative Agency Reno

Squarespace is one of many CMS (Content Management Systems) available. So why would one choose Squarespace over another another CMS such as, say, WordPress?

Launched more than 10 years ago, Squarespace is one of the increasingly popular heavyweights of the website-building scene. It is estimated that around 1000 new people sign up for it every day. The reason for their success? They have managed to create a one-stop solution that makes it extremely easy for beginners to start a website in about 5 seconds. Ok, more like two minutes, but still, it is very impressive.

Why Use Squarespace?

Squarespace Ease of Use (No Code Required)

If you consider yourself tech averse, then here’s the good news: Squarespace is an extremely beginner-friendly platform using a drag and drop approach. All you’ll need to edit your new site is know how to click your computer mouse. Pretty good stuff for anyone suffering from source-code phobia.

Squarespace Hosting

Squarespace is a hosted website builder, which already includes templates, automatic updates, e-commerce and hosting. In other words, Squarespace takes care of all aspects of your website, just tell us your domain name, and the service will make sure everything runs smoothly for you.  There will be no third party hosts or difficult launching process, because we can build your site with Squarespace and then launch it and host it from the same place!

Squarespace Pricing

With Squarespace you get very clear price plans and you can quickly calculate how much it will cost you per year, all included: $12 / month for your personal website; $18 / month for your business website; $26 / month for a basic online shop or $40 / month for an advanced one. Not super cheap but easy to calculate. Additionally, Squarespace takes less time to set up and therefore is the less expensive route from a design standpoint as well!

Squarespace sounds too good to be true, so why does anyone go with other cms tools?

Many people decide to go this route due to ease of use and their current budget. But there are some things to consider before jumping into a Squarespace website. It is an excellent place to start for small businesses but if you see your business growing quickly or you are considering whether your website may need to scale and or compete on search rankings, here are some things to keep in mind.

WordPress is a better choice for SEO

WordPress can scale to fit your needs

WordPress is highly customizable

The Mabble Difference

Our passion is creating unique and stunning designs that effectively tell a story about who you are as a brand and set you apart from other companies in your industry.

We create great design tailored to your business. Mabble can help you with a beautiful website for your business that truly embodies your company, passions, and vision. Whether you need sleek, single page design or a robust e-commerce website, Mabble Media can turn your ideas into designs and designs into effective branding tools.

Our services result in beautiful websites, more clicks, more likes, and more moolah.

Work with us

The possibilities for design are endless and we have the experience to tell your story in an effective and original way. We can help discover messaging that best fits your business and turn it into a great design. Contact us today to get started!