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Mabble loves being able to support our employees in their passion projects. As such, we spend quite a bit of time (on and off the clock) working on projects that support our community. In that spirit we would like to share a campaign that both Mabble and our team members are so grateful to have a hand in. Below is an article from Good Supply Co., a volunteer run company that needs help saving Christmas. And you know how we feel about keeping Christmas intact (looking at you, The Grinch).

Help Save Christmas!

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Good Supply Co. is so proud to say that in the year we have been serving our community almost 1 million dollars worth of goods have been served to those in need in Northern Nevada. But it is with a sad heart that we must share that even with the incredible strides we have been able to make for our community, Good Supply Co. is in danger of closing its doors just before Christmas, the biggest giving time of the year.

We May Lose Our Warehouse

Our warehouse was purchased by a new company and with that purchase has come an unexpected 32% rent increase effective immediately. As a small non-profit, we are having difficulties meeting this demand and are worried about our ability to continue serving the community this Christmas. In order to keep this work in our community active this year, Good Supply Co. needs the help of the community.

Please Spread the Word

We are hoping to raise additional donations and spark new partnerships so that we can raise the money to stay or to find a new warehouse with a fair market value lease.  Please share this out on your social media feeds and help us Save Christmas!

Meeting day-to-day needs and helping disaster-impacted communities, we deliver goods that transform lives and bring hope and dignity to those in need.

Good Supply Co. Good Done this Year

In the year we have been serving our community almost 1 million dollars worth of goods to those in need in Northern Nevada. We have worked to help non-profits, provide disaster relief during the Paradise Fires and connected the community with socially responsible partners while considering environmental impacts.

Helping Serve Individuals and Families in Need

The Good Supply Co. picks up, stores and distributes goods that would otherwise go to waste and distributes them to those in need. We provide products and vouchers philanthropic organizations and to the working poor (an underserved population) and connect people to the supplies they need to make a better life. Without a warehouse, our work becomes near impossible.

Northern Nevada Communities Served

The Good Supply works with local non-profits and businesses who are trying to improve their communities and provides them with the goods they need to give people a helping hand. We have helped serve important non-profits in the community such as:

  • Silver Stage Food Pantry
  • Destiny Center
  • Voice in the Wilderness
  • Project 150 Reno
  • Evan’s Warm Feet Project
  • Center of Hope
  • House of Blessings
  • Reno Bike Project
  • Paradise Fire Victims
  • Dream Center
  • YWAM Mountain View
  • Sierra Safari Zoo
  • Dad-Excellence Academy
  • Palabra de Vida
  • Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra
  • Kiwanis Bike Club
  • Children’s Cabinet
  • African refugees
  • To name a few

Disaster Relief Response

Good Supply Co. also provides disaster relief for our community and other surrounding communities. During the Paradise fire this year, Good Supply Co. offered goods needed to care for the families and helped provide goods to replace those lost during the fire.

Environmental Impact

The Good Supply Co. helps our community as well as our carbon footprint by picking up appliances, home essentials, toys and more, that otherwise would be thrown out or shipped, repackaged, and shipped again states over, and delivers it directly to those in need.

How you can Help! Save Christmas Campaign!

The holidays are upon us and tens of thousands of families are waiting to benefit from your generosity this holiday season. You can help by spreading the word or by donating to Good Supply Co. to directly impact the disadvantaged in our Northern Nevada Community at As a volunteer run organization, every dollar of your donation is applied to helping distribute the goods to those in need in our community.

For the Media

Good Supply Co. will continue to distribute much needed clothing, household goods, appliances, bedding, hygiene products, and toys from their warehouse; hopefully not for the last time. We are inviting local news to help gain the attention of the community for our “Help Save Christmas” campaign.

Downloadable Press Release

Mabble worked with The Good Supply Co. to help them refine their branding and direction. The Good Supply Co provides goods that would otherwise go to waste to individuals who could use a little extra help by partnering with companies to secure general merchandise, food, appliances, home essentials, toys and more, that otherwise need to be shipped, repackaged, and shipped again.

Contact Good Supply Co. for more information.  Tax deductible donations can be made on the Good Supply Co. website. Your statement will reflect a tax deductible donation to River Rock Christian Fellowship.


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