Tank House Farms


Tank House Farms is a wonderful collection of agricultural properties in the Sonoma Valley, joined together for regenerative farming. We designed a logo for them that reflects the brand’s all-encompassing agricultural offerings and down-to-earth personality. The logo features a classic tank house accompanied by a delightful collection of illustrations, including bees, chickens, cows, trees, and flowers.


We designed their branding with muted earthy tones to reinforce the farms’ connection with nature. We also introduced a western-style typography to complement the historic nature of the brand.


The whimsical and organic illustrations we created encapsulate the farms’ dedication to both livestock and the cultivation of organic produce. They depict the diverse aspects of the farms: bees, chickens, cows, trees, vegetables, flowers, and more.


After producing and bottling their first olive oil, Tank House Farms needed a branded label. So we created a design that communicates the concept of the brand with all the information necessary to entice customers to try this product.


Our lifestyle and product photography sessions captured the heart and soul of Tank House Farms. The lifestyle photography brings the day-to-day farm activities to life. Additionally, the product photography highlights their exquisite olive oil, inviting customers to connect with the farm-to-table experience.


Tank House Farms needed a website that would convey information about their mission, display a yearly produce calendar, and provide easy access to contact information. So we designed the site with their unique branding, and showcased engaging content with easy navigation.

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