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Nirvana Beauty Lounge


Light, bright, and inviting. Nirvana Beauty Lounge is a space filled with peace and contentment, and we wanted their photos to reflect that. Their photography is clean and welcoming, and filled with genuine interactions and real moments, just as you can expect when you’re in their business.


We wanted to build a website that matched the look and feel of the interior design of Nirvana Beauty Lounge’s space. Taking that and using her logo design, fonts, and colors, we created a website that helps define Nirvana’s brand and uniqueness as a salon.

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Nirvana is a brand new nail salon who needed a social media strategy to help position them in the Reno market. We put together a guide that helped direct what type of posts should be added, their social media voice, and what visual elements should be included to best meet their goals and branding. We gave photography direction and created social media templates that can be added and changed by the client to share events and promotional items in a way that still fits their branding. Additionally, we helped with hashtag creation and looked into their social metrics to discover the best times to post for their audience and industry. Based on all these things we put together a social calendar to make their social strategy go as easy as possible while also helping to share their brand to their potential audience.


Nirvana Beauty Lounge is an up-and-coming nail salon who reached out to us for copywriting help. We find that many of our clients are brilliant at what they do, but lack the time to sit down and write about their brand in a way that maximizes conversion. Owner and operator, Joanne Le, has a beautiful story that we felt should take center stage in her brand. We sat down with her and learned everything we could about her life and her business so that we could communicate to her audience in the most effective manner possible. Those conversations gave us the fodder we needed to create core messaging for Nirvana; the who and what of Nirvana’s message had become clear. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of creating copy for Nirvana’s website, menus, business cards, social media, and blogs.


Nirvana is entering a competitive market and needed an SEO strategy to begin to come up on Google. We put together a list of keywords, discovered their target audience, and gave them a road map for coming up on the first page on Google.