Get Your Garage Back


GYGB is a state of the art storage facility that utilizes cutting edge technology. They're also located near the Sierra Nevada Foothills. So for their logo, we combined a clean and modern typeface with an image of the mountains to encapsulate their brand.

Get Your Garage Back Logo

For GYGB's branding, we created textures that imitate materials like marble slab counters, natural wood, and lighting. Their color palette includes earth tones coupled with crisp lines to merge the natural and modern themes.

GYGB - Brand Guide

GYGB's photography captures the look and feel of each storage suite, highlighting their unique features. Lifestyle shots capture candid moments of families gathering holiday decorations from their suite or enjoying their home garage, free of clutter.


GYGB's facility is easy to access, convenient, sleek, and secure—so we built their website to reflect their space. And the copy is succinct, because it doesn't take a lot of words to convey the benefits of this state of the art storage facility.

Get Your Garage Back Website
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