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A purposefully earthy color palette was chosen and applied to a myriad of iconic vegetable shapes. Colors that reflected the vibrancy in the farm fresh food were mixed with design assets that speak to the high standards of the restaurant. We wanted to build a brand that reflected the elevated atmosphere of Sonoma while maintaining its roots.

Mabble Media - Creative Agency | Folktable Logo | Brand Guide | Landing Page | Video - Branding Booklet

The Folktable website was built on the foundation of the brand guide our amazing design team created. With its simple navigation, earthy colors, clear copy, and stunning product photography, the website gives users an elevated online experience to match the elevated culinary experience that Folktable provides.

Launch the website now!
Launch the website now!

The cocktail photos focus on the ingredients included in each drink, and the menu photos emphasize the creative culinary designs. The goal was for people to see the photos and begin to salivate. Our editing styles were earth tone focused, but also clean and modern.


Folktable's colors, fonts, and design elements came together to make a clearly-organized custom menu for the restaurant. These custom branded menus are only outshined by the food depicted inside them.

Folktable Menu

Seeing the entire Instagram feed as a canvas, we strategized social posts as a whole instead of individually. Oftentimes posting 2 or 3 images at once, we kept the posts on brand but also easily distinguishable. Applying different aspects of the brand guide, we wanted a completely cohesive brand experience.

Folktable Social Media Strategy
Folktable Social Media
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