DayaMed helps people manage their prescriptions and offers clinical support. So we designed their branding to align with industry norms, yet with unique brand assets. The colors are vibrant, and their custom iconography includes simply illustrated pills, time, savings, and clinics.


When it comes to conveying prescription adherence data, few people have the patience for inaccessible presentations. We created custom motion graphics that tell a visual story along with the text, helping people engage with the content.


DayaMed is not a detached healthcare company. They offer personal clinical support, so our photography focused on the human side of the company, capturing images of regular people's lifestyles to express the idea that DayaMed's medication management program helps individuals live their fullest lives.


To help its customers, DayaMed needed to explain how it works in simple, engaging ways. Our videography provided them with a valuable resource to help people use their services with ease.


DayaMed utilizes an app, but it is not just an app. It is a clinical team in your pocket. So the messaging conveys the big ideas that DayaMed is a personalized healthcare company that is with their customers every step of the way.

Your healthcare team, wherever you are.

– DayaMed’s Tagline


This is one of our favorite websites we've designed. The look, the functionality, the animations—we are proud of this work. And so is DayaMed.

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