Cotton Candy Clouds


Cotton Candy Clouds is a wonderful company that creates experiences for kids and their adults. So we designed their branding with primary colors, custom hand drawn elements, and a little extra whimsy.


The custom illustrations we created for CCC extend from the hand-drawn elements in their logo to items that can be found in collateral assets for their events, website and brick-and-mortar.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. In this case, it's the word ``cute`` a thousand times. We captured some of the magic of CCC at its ``Boo in the Boonies`` event.


CCC serves kids and their adults, but the messaging speaks directly to the adults. We helped CCC convey not just what they do, but why they do it, with imaginative one-liners and inspirational storytelling.

“We provide creative learning experiences that create lasting memories, bring joy, and foster community bonding.
Our experiences are enjoyed by kids of any age!”

– Cotton Candy Clouds


CCC needed a website that would convey information, provide a calendar of events, and enable easy signups. So we designed the site with branding to make our inner child smile, with the functionality to make our outer adult reduce stress.

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