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Altitude Design creates some of the most stunning interior spaces, and they needed a logo and brand to match. Combining topographical symbology, typography, and framing, we were able to make the Altitude Design logo present like a piece of art itself.


Modern. Funky. Unique. This is how our team describes the Altitude Design brand. Our design department illustrated custom icons, versatile in their use as background images or as part of a larger pattern. The colors are bright and somehow still minimal, drawing the user in to this compelling brand.

Altitude Design Co Brand Guide

Every social media post, every blog, every email get's filtered through brand positioning, tone of voice, core identity, values, and target demographics to ensure every communication choice is an intentional one.

“Our environment is vital for our well-being. It influences our emotions, our mental health, and our sense of comfort.

The interior spaces we live and work in are no exception. At Altitude Design, we create interior environments that are aesthetically inspiring and functionally practical. Based in Truckee, CA, we provide design solutions for homes and boutique hospitality. With over ten years of experience, we exist to achieve our clients’ design goals in unique and innovative ways.

Interior designers are the conductors through which your goals and objectives become a reality. Our talented team offers guidance on aesthetics and function and manages your project to the very end through a collaborative process. We take special care to hear and understand our clients, to ensure a positive project experience from start to finish, solving aesthetic, functional, and budgetary obstacles with an unparalleled attention to detail.”

-Altitude Design, About Us


Stunning spaces photograph stunningly- need we say more? Our photography department was thrilled to capture the spaces that were carefully curated by the Altitude Design team.


Taking the logo, brand, messaging, and photography and putting them together was a seamless and rewarding task on the Altitude Design website. This highly customized squarespace site communicates Altitude Designs expertise and skill, giving them a glimpse into what's possible if they move forward.

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