A great business starts with a great idea, but don’t let it end there.

With everything that goes into business development it can be easy to get lost in your long to-do list. Not only do you need the idea to start the business, but then the logo, branding, website, and hundreds of other details in order to succeed. For most people the hardest part of the process is just getting starting.

Well, we’d like to help you get past that first step.

Pitches get Switches is an opportunity for Reno/Sparks/Tahoe entrepreneurs and business owners to receive candid feedback and guidance on their current or future creative strategies.

Great Ideas Take HelP

Mint Flavored Golfballs for Alligator Breath

Kitty Litter Brief Cases for Cats on the Go

Get Pitching!


Anyone with a business or business idea that needs help with branding, name, logo design, website design, how to get in front of their customer, etc. So, you.


This is a (very) FREE consultation for small businesses to help them perfect their idea. Essentially you will come in and, in Shark Tank fashion, share your idea, business name, logo, website, or search engine campaign and we will help tweak it to capture your audience in a way that best brands your business.


This Friday, April 13th at a time that works best for you!


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