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Jake Anderson


Jake gets passionate about projects where he can help clients tell their stories. He believes that acting as a mediator who helps people communicate clearly is his calling in life.

Jake loves Reno because of the culture of scrumptious local food. He thinks it’s pretty cool that there’s a confluence of people, ideas, and backgrounds in Reno. His favorite thing about this town is perhaps the way that wilderness is always very near. Like that time his elementary school went on lockdown because a mountain lion was putzing around the playground.

Jake’s hobbies include reading, bike riding, book reading, tanning, wine sippin’, weight lifting, thinking about plants, and subverting the patriarchy. Also origami.

Jake is:

  • Pretty hopelessly colorblind.
  • Confused about whether he’s a Millennial or Gen Z (It’s equally likely he’s an android from the future).
  • A dog-loving cat-apologist.
  • Quite keen on delivering the finest copywriting he can to each and every client.
  • Convinced that orcas are the pinnacle of earthly evolution thus far.

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