Collective Coffee Roasters

Collective Coffee Roasters, based in Elko, NV, crafts coffee and cultivates connection. They invite people to savor the moment, one cup at a time. We captured these values in every step of their creative process.

Collective Coffee Roasters

CCR is on a relentless quest to produce the highest caliber coffee. Because of their passion for what they do, they are continually refining their skills—honing the art and science of roasting—to produce the best coffee possible.


Collective Coffee Roasters’ origin story begins with its co-founders, Garret and Delynn Kamps, discovering their love for specialty coffee while living in Reno. As their passion for quality grew, the couple began buying beans from local roasters, exploring the various tastes and aromas, and learning more about the craft.

It’s not easy to start a company, let alone one in a saturated industry. But CCR occupies a unique spot in Elko as the only specialty coffee roaster in town, and has built a loyal following of coffee enthusiasts. The big question was, how how can we convey their passion for coffee to the larger market?


We got inside CCRs minds, learning more about their passion for coffee, their origin story, their values, and their process. Most importantly, we got to know them as people.


From the ground up, we helped CCR shape their brand, build their web presence, and communicate their message to the world.


As with their roasting process, the final results are what matter most. The quality of their online presence matches the quality of their business, and their engaging brand fosters community and connection.

Performed Services

We started with an audit of CCRs existing branding and website to see if their public presence aligned with their goals. We discovered plenty of opportunities to enhance and expand their online presence.

We designed CCRs brand with natural, coffee tones, their signature cursive lettering, and messaging that expresses their passion and expertise.

CCR is more than a local roaster—they offer subscription coffee services to people far and wide. We built a website for them that tells their story, offers valuable insight into coffee and coffee culture, and provides an easy process for ordering their delicious roasts.

It Was Fun

It’s always a joy to work with passionate and humble clients. The whole CCR team was enthusiastic, friendly, and open-minded, making the whole creative process a lot of fun.

Follow The Plan!

From the audit, to the branding, to the web, we had a clear strategy for CCR that enabled them to be efficient with their time and resources, and get their projects done on time.

Details Matter

CCR is meticulous about every detail of their business, from selecting beans to their subscription service. The carefully crafted details of their creative work conveys their attentiveness to the smallest point.

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