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Brayli Dripps


Brayli is Mabble’s resident graphic design wizard and our very own Disney Princess. She most enjoys working on projects that allow her to draw in her good old fashioned sketchbook, which most of the time means logo creation. She loves that Reno seems to always be sunny and that the leaves fall off the trees sometimes. When she has some spare time she will sit still near the river or go on long walks to nowhere in particular.

Some fun facts about Brayli:

  • She has over 25 green leafy plants in her room and always wants more.
  • She LOVES peaches (due to the fuzz more than the taste).
  • The perfect logo for your company is just chillin in her brain, waiting for you to come pick it up.
  • She nearly compulsively eats dice every time they roll around her (but don’t worry, she hasn’t swallowed any yet).

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