Branding Guides: Treat Yourself.

A branding guide is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Why? It forces you to define and hone your style, making for more cohesive branding.

It is one of the most important steps in creating the identity of a business because it captures the essence and personality of your company. And perhaps best of all, it helps your web designers, marketing companies, and social media gurus get on the same page to help create the best possible work for your business.

What is a branding guide?

A branding guide contains the building blocks of your company’s branding. A good branding guide maps out your business’ messaging, color palette and visual media. A branding guide from Mabble clearly defines rules around your marketing presence and creates an overall strategy for future designs that are cohesive and that make sense for your brand.

Elements of a branding guide

Each branding guide will be different from the next, depending on your business and branding needs. There are a few basic elements that are likely to make an appearance in your guide, however. You can usually expect to see the following important elements:

Font guidelines
Color guidelines
Logo size and placement
Imagery and icon guidelines
Website guidelines
Branding Guide Examples

Branding guides help provide ongoing instructional support. It is a great snapshot of the visual elements of a company, helping to ensure consistency. Here are some pages from one of our recent client’s guide!


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Get Branded

Mabble Media helps brands engage their consumer so they can build awareness, create conversation, and drive brand consideration. We develop inspired brand identities that bring your company’s personality to life. We are eager to learn more about your goals and provide you with a branding strategy tailored to your business. Contact us today for brand consultation!