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Bobby Stiehler


A master of the visual arts and tongue-in-cheek humor, Bobby helped make Mabble the pretty and funny little agency it is today. He loves to tell stories through video; there is something about being able to visually convey someone’s vision and values to their customer base that he finds really valuable. Bobby grew up making videos even in elementary school, so being able to help businesses in that medium is extra special for him. When he moved to Reno a decade ago, this town instantly felt like home to him. He loves the character of the city, it’s charm, and also the people that reside within it. He loves that Reno is so supportive of people trying to make something of themselves in any regard.

Bobby’s hobbies: a memoir.

I am a musician, an avid podcast listener, and someone who can’t turn down the comfortable warmth of a well made cocktail. Also have you been on YouTube lately? There are like thousands of videos on there.

Fun Bobby Facts:

  • Bobby sang AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” dressed as a cow at middle school talent show.
  • He once dug a giant hole in Africa as a favor to a man named Karaoke.
  • He does not like any type of salad dressing. Don’t even come near him with your Ranch.
  • Underneath his full beard is a rockin mustache just waiting for an excuse.
  • Bobby will use his experience as a videographer and all-around ideas guy to take your company’s brand to the next level.

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