Ashley Wartgow


Ashley is Mabble Media’s creative content specialist, in-house photographer, occasional stylist, frequent copywriter, and full-time sarcastic commenter.Her favorite type of project is when she has the opportunity to take visualizations and daydreams and make them come to life during a photoshoot.She loves the Reno coffee shop culture, the creative community, mountain views from the city, and the fact that those mountains are a short drive away.

She is truly in love with what she does for a living, so her work happens to be one of her main hobbies. Most of her time is spent behind a camera, but when she’s clocked out, you can find her and her camera wandering in the mountains, scavenging for wildflowers, and resting in the silence of a sunrise.

Fun facts:

  • Ashley is a proud plant parent with 25+ plant babies at home.
  • She is known to cry over tiny, cute objects. She wants you to check out the “miniatures” section at Hobby Lobby. You won’t regret it.
  • She has a hedgehog named Fig. And yes, Fig’s quills are quite sharp.
  • She will make your dream photoshoot a reality.
  • She’s won 10 Dundies.

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