The Difference in Authenticity

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 The key to getting authentic lifestyle photography for your website is hiring a great photography company to take photos rather than using stock imagery.

We have a philosophy when it comes to representing your company: the more authentic, the better. So when Kirkwood/Heavenly asked us to do a lifestyle shoot for them we made sure to bring the models who would enjoy the mountain the most.

The people who probably would’ve been up there anyways.

We got everybody loaded up at the bottom of the mountain and settled in on our snowmobiles to get us to where we were going. Not sure why we assumed that taking a snowmobile ride would be like riding an old donkey on its last stroll through the woods before retirement, but to our surprise, we discovered that it’s more like riding on the back of a Rodeo Horse that just started his first day as an intern. An intern. He’s not even SAVING for retirement yet!

The key to getting authentic lifestyle photography is to put your models in real situations, with real people, and let them interact. Make sure your models have been introduced to each other. Point out possible things they can relate on, and maybe start a conversation between them only to walk away and start pointing the camera.

The point of straying away from traditional stock photography is wanting to make an impact on your client’s potential consumers. When a potential client sees traditional stock photography, they will very quickly be distracted by the out-of-date editing and the implausible relationship of the people in the photo.

Authentic lifestyle photography instead leaves the client imagining themselves taking the same photo with their friends.

Below is some of our authentic lifestyle photography from our Kirkwood shoot, and some traditional stock photography. Can you spot the difference in what you feel while looking at them?

 Regardless of your industry, it is important to show authentic imagery on your website. Your target audience does not connect with stock imagery. 

 Stock imagery will not be able to best convey the feeling of your brand or company. Instead, work with a designer who can shoot your website photos. 

 For engaging imagery, choose a website company that can provide you with great photography.

 It is best to use a design company who can provide imagery rather than using stock photos on your website. 

 Use a web designer who doubles as a photography and videography company for engaging imagery. 

 If you want to connect with your website users, it is best to use a photography company rather than stock imagery on your website design. 

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